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Re: Some ideas about the Debian Runlevel System

>>"Noah" == Noah L Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> writes:

 > Either we should make use of our runlevels by default or we should ditch
 > them by moving to file-rc or the BSD init system by default, leaving
 > sysvinit as an option to those who care to define runlevels.

	I am afraid I do not follow the logic behind this. As a
 systems admin, I appreciate the infrastructure set up by default for
 multiple run levels and initiallized to be the identical for most
 run levels, I can then tweak a couple of run levels for the machains
 I care about. I like the faxt that if I only remove one programs
 links from the set, the system continues to manage the other
 programs for me. 

	I have had some experience with the BSD style init files
 (Ultrix, to be precise), and I found the monolithic init file to be
 a disaster wiating to happen, and triggered fairly frequently
 (admittedly, in a somewhat open university atmosphere). Any typo
 anywhere in the file killed the initialization process; and I have
 been biased against single file init mechanisms since then. 

	What, then, is the justification for moving away from
 SysVinit, which does not look like it is broken, breaking
 compatibility with the way things are done in other distributions
 (don't most of them use SysVinit?)? All I have heard so far is that
 we may not use the full power of the system be default.

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