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Re: Some ideas about the Debian Runlevel System

ti, 28-01-2003 kello 23:03, Alexander Wirt kirjoitti:
> Runlevel 	Function   	     		Programm to run 
> 0		halt				none (of course ;) )
> 1		single User 			just a rootshell
> 2		Multiuser without Network 	everything except Network Daemons
> 3		Multiuser with Network		every Network-App except of X 
> 4		reserved for own solutions	same as in 3 
> 5		X				$displaymanager

Nononononono! You _need_ to have the following design, it is perfect!

Runlevel	Function			Programs to run

0		halt				none
1		single user			sulogin
2		ogg vorbis jukebox		gdm + xmms
3		multiuser in text mode		nethack
4		multiuser in graphical mode	kdm
5		network enabled workstation	pppd + ssh

If only Debian would do things like this, life would be *so* much

> I have to talked to some people in the last time and they alle agree
> with me that this would be a much better solution than the actual
> system.

Kidding aside, there is no way to partition use of runlevels that will
work for all people. If Debian were to set up some sort of policy for
them, it would make it harder for the sysadmins to use runlevels the way
they want to. That is why Debian has not declared meanings for
runlevels: it would be a bad idea.

I seem to recall several runlevel schemes having been suggested
throughout the years. It's not a new idea, and generally the consensus
among Debian developers seems to have been in favor of the current

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