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Re: [accessibility] brlspeak presentation (debian for visual deficients) / Mbrola

> i would suggest not to use an installer, but make a normal .deb of the
> voices, but just don't include them into the main archive. this way you
> can set up your own aptable repository for leeching or make an
> additional cd to be distributed with the regular debian ones.
> we already have a very good installer: apt-get, we don't need more of
> them...

Yes, It's already in a repository on our site, but if the mbrola binary gets 
into debian mainstream you need a package to tell where to find the voice, so 
I was thinking about something that downloads the deb or something like that, 
we could also maybe tell the user what to add in his sources.list when he 
installs mbrola.

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