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[accessibility] brlspeak presentation (debian for visual deficients) / Mbrola

This is just to give the list some news about the brlspeak project,
Last week, four of us were in Paris for our first 'event', we had been 
invited by la cité des sciences (some sort of a national science center), 
everything went smoothly and we've seen that in the long term our project 
could really have an important audience. We just need to work some more on 
the installation process.

Debian is particularly adapted to visual deficients, and since our system 
mainly aims at newbies, apt is a wonderful thing (we used to be based on 

Mbrola quickly appeared as a really nice solution since some came from 
foreign countries, so I consider it as important that mbrola binary gets into 
non-free. However, it has so many voices (58!) approximately 400MB, that I 
would not want to publish this in debian mainstream, I think I'm going to 
make an installer package, something like for the package agsatellite. The 
text to phoneme programs that must be used with mbrola (mbrola only does 
phoneme to speech), are almost all under the gpl so this should not be 
a problem.


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