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Re: [accessibility] brlspeak presentation (debian for visual deficients) / Mbrola

On Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 10:15:45PM +0100, seb wrote:
> Mbrola quickly appeared as a really nice solution since some came from 
> foreign countries, so I consider it as important that mbrola binary gets into 
> non-free. However, it has so many voices (58!) approximately 400MB, that I 
> would not want to publish this in debian mainstream, I think I'm going to 
> make an installer package, something like for the package agsatellite. The 
> text to phoneme programs that must be used with mbrola (mbrola only does 
> phoneme to speech), are almost all under the gpl so this should not be 
> a problem.

i would suggest not to use an installer, but make a normal .deb of the
voices, but just don't include them into the main archive. this way you
can set up your own aptable repository for leeching or make an
additional cd to be distributed with the regular debian ones. 

we already have a very good installer: apt-get, we don't need more of

cu  robert

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