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Re: Just the usual rant: Debian VS legal problems (MPlayer, xine, libavcodec)

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 00:10:41 +0100
Gabucino <gabucino@mplayerhq.hu> wrote:

> Dear List.
> As some of you stated, xine in Debian doesn't include illegal parts. I
> have to assure you it _DOES_ . Take a look at libxine1.deb :

> I'm waiting for your comments.

I assume you mean illegal in the US ?

Debian used to maintain a non-US branch for stuff that had legal
problems in the US, unfortuanately software in debian non-US cannot be
maintained by debian developers as the ftpmasters have decided for
themselves (without consulting the masses) that they dont want to deal
with it. Im still waiting for an explanation on that.

Debian developers should be bound by the laws of their own country, not
the laws of some far off land.

Currentlu debian gives more support to non-free software than it does
non-US, im embarrased of debians cowardice on this issue.


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