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Just the usual rant: Debian VS legal problems (MPlayer, xine, libavcodec)

Dear List.

As some of you stated, xine in Debian doesn't include illegal parts. I have to
assure you it _DOES_ . Take a look at libxine1.deb :

xineplug_decode_ff.so 829032	- this is libavcodec, the MPEG4/DivX decoder
				  Did you pay the royalty to the MPEG Group?
				  They can come any time...

xineplug_decode_faad.so 164048	- this is the FAAD audio decoder, which is
				  just as illegal as libavcodec

Vidix				- unusable ballast without libdha, which is
				  not packaged

nvidia_vid.so			- part of Vidix.. Instead it is a
				  placeholder :) Just contains
				  printf("TODO") :))
				  Nice to know xine was packaged by people
				  who knew what they were doing :)))))))

xineplug_decode_w32dll.so	- code (from Wine) to load win32 DLLs
				  It's total legal isn't it..?

ASF demuxer			- Microsoft already forced a GPL project
				  to remove it (VirtualDub)
				  I hope Debian is also ready to face this :)

xineplug_decode_gsm610.so	- xine's gsm610 is GPL, MPlayer's is not? :)
				  WE say it's GPL.
				  Its original author says it's GPL.
				  Debian-legal says we are all wrong?? :))
				  Make me laugh.

I'm waiting for your comments.

MPlayer Core Team

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