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Re: Slides about dpkg/apt-get/debconf?

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Javier [iso-8859-1] Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:

> 	Now that we're at it I intend to provide a 'presentations' section
> in the DDP CVS area [1] and I've been creating an archive of slides at my
> local site [2]. Currently the web site [3] links to talks given by
> developers and provides sample slides [4].
Great work.  Thanks for your effort.

> However, since not all of them
> are available in a common place it's kind of difficult to gather this
> information and publish it in a homogeneus way.
For sure.  I would like to add that the language in which the talk
was held should be noted. For instance you mention my talk
    "Debian-Med - Freie Software im Gesundheitswesen"
which was held in German and is of no greater interest because it
is overriden by the both talks at LinuxDays Luxembourg - which
are in English and thus not only more up to date but also more
sense for non German speakers.  Unfortunately ther no link to the
source which is also available at


(Last but not least I moved the URL of the Magdeburg talk and thus
your page contains a bad link.  I'd suggest to remove this talk from
your page or just find the new location at the URL mentioned above.)

How to fix that?

I think we need either
  at least two extra fields: "Language" and "URL of further information
  about the talk" (where other formats, translations and whatever can be
  provided as I do it on the URL above)
  a general repository which is flexible enough and accessible by DDs
  which would make such private talk collections unnecessary.

> 	In any case, if someone can provide more talks for the archive
> please contact events@debian.org and provide them with information on it.
> I would be grateful if they forwarded me the talk _sources_ for inclusion
> in the archive.
Just see the URL above and feel free to ask in private if something
is unclear.

Kind regards and thanks for your work again


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