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Re: Bundling .debs

> I've never looked at fai, but I understand it's mainly a installation
> tool. How much does it deal with updates and keeping the computers up to
> date?

We never upgrade but reinstall. Following this convention you are sure
FAI server is up to date about current configuration. Thus everybody in
the team may perform a reinstall when required without being aware of
subsequent software installation/configuration.
Sure there is other solutions.
> > The main problem we had and that is not solved by the solution proposed
> > above is about packages which are not using debconf. Exim is an example.
> As discussed in the 'Make debconf mandatory' thread, this problem has
> been partly solved by Petter Reinholdtsen by modifying the packages. I
> really do hope that policy will be changed in that direction!

I didn't mention that in the previous mail but sometimes debconf is
not enough to configure correctly softwares for your needs. You need
to perform a post-configuration (and sometimes preconfiguration) in
addition to those provided by packages. 


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