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Re: Bug#XXXXXX: (far too many packages) needs rebuilt for prelinking

    Sorry, my fault for not providing a heads up that there was a
limit to number to these reports and they covered your average sid
install. Actually, the rcs package definitely can stand to be
rebuilt as it suffers from the bug described in the thread...


This basically means that neither glibc's combreloc and prelink
will work on those binaries preventing either approach from
reducing the dynamic loader time used on handling relocations.
   Also on ppc far more packages probably suffer from 
another flaw in binutils fixed around the same time...


Without this patch, binutils produced binaries that could be
not be unprelinked into identical binaries since there was
an unpredictablity in how *r_offset was calculated. With that
patch it was always set to zero allowing unprelinked binaries
to be identical to the original copies. However this is more
of a minor nit (things like tripwire will get unhappy but
the older binaries run fine prelinked).

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