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Re: Bug#XXXXXX: (far too many packages) needs rebuilt for prelinking

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, Jack Howarth wrote:

> Colin,
>     Sorry, my fault for not providing a heads up that there was a
> limit to number to these reports and they covered your average sid
> install. Actually, the rcs package definitely can stand to be
> rebuilt as it suffers from the bug described in the thread...

It doesn't matter how many or how few bugs one files.  ALL mass filings *must*
be discussed.

In this instance, we would have told you *not* to file any bugs.  It's not
worth it.

> Without this patch, binutils produced binaries that could be
> not be unprelinked into identical binaries since there was
> an unpredictablity in how *r_offset was calculated. With that
> patch it was always set to zero allowing unprelinked binaries
> to be identical to the original copies. However this is more
> of a minor nit (things like tripwire will get unhappy but
> the older binaries run fine prelinked).
>                                Jack

Setting off tripwire is VERY bad.  Very stupid.

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