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Re: Bug#XXXXXX: (far too many packages) needs rebuilt forprelinking

    Firstly, this binutils bug has to do with unprelinking
a prelinked binary to its original state so it would be
identical. On all arches except ppc, *r_offset in unprelinked
binaries was always set to zero. Jakub used that assumption
in unprelinking prelinked binaries back to their original
unprelinked state. The fix introduced in binutils in Oct
was to make ppc conform to using *r_offset as zero. Before this
change on ppc *r_offset was being set by binutils to a non-zero
value but in an unpredictable fashion that prevented prelink
to know what to set it back to when unprelinking. That is why
the fix was introduced into binutils. On older binaries before
this fix, prelink will work producing usable prelinked and then
unprelinked binaries. It is just that the unprelinked binaries
will not be identical to the original due to this variation
in *r_offset. Actually only programs that use ld for linking should
have tickled this bug so it isn't very widespread (I only know of
a couple of cases). Unfortunately I think some of the traffic
concerning this was off list but the actual patch is described



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