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Re: Looking for Kevin Dalley (Oakland, CA)

> On 11-Jan-03, 12:37 (CST), Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote: 
> > I don't think the issue was trying to get his key signed. I think the
> > implied issue was, how is he a debian developer if he _never_ had his
> > key signed?

John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> [2003-01-11 13:26:30 -0600]:
> By having become a developer before that was required.

Steve Greenland <steveg@moregruel.net> [2003-01-11 13:33:07 -0600]:
> By having been in Debian before the signed key requirement was created.
> My key is now signed by other developers, but there was a long period
> when it wasn't, and a period before that when we didn't even sign
> packages.

Ah.  Thanks.  During that time I was probably still building
systems from scratch before discovering Debian.

That does imply that he has been inactive for some time.


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