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Re: suggested virtual package name: dns-server


I find this a good idea because things would go easyier for various

- "End-User" which needs suddenly a DNS-Server:  more resilient
   behaviour when playing with various implementations

- "High-Volume-Sysadmins": Easyer install/re-install on multiple

- Packagers of new implementations/versions: Don't need to know about
  all the details of _all_ other DNS-Server packages to get a new
  package up and running.

El jue, 09-01-2003 a las 14:55, Roland Bauerschmidt escribió:
> In addition to using the same well-known port by default, MTAs usually
> provide a /usr/sbin/sendmail tool, too. But yes, that's also something
> which could be worked around, and shouldn't be reason for them to
> conflict with each other.

It's not that easy with mta's.  That's why the /etc/mta configuration
switch was invented - however nobody has implemented it yet, at least
not in Debian :(

It would surely be nice at some setups to be able to run e.g. incoming
mail and outgoing mail with different mta-implementations.  In real
world there are people who are doing this.

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