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Re: suggested virtual package name: dns-server


As with DNS-Server the proposal is it worth to consider IMHO:

The "end-user" would get a smoother way to choose when she needs
suddenly a DNS-Server,

the big-volume-sysadmin has an easier live when installing "the ONE"
and/or "the Other" DNS-Server on lot's of boxen,

and the programmer with just another aproach to DNS does not need to
know the deep insides of all these other DNS packages to be able to
generate a first trial package.

El jue, 09-01-2003 a las 14:55, Roland Bauerschmidt escribió:
> In addition to using the same well-known port by default, MTAs usually
> provide a /usr/sbin/sendmail tool, too. But yes, that's also something

There is a lot more to it then just /usr/sbin/sendmail.  That's why the
/etc/mta configuration switch has been invented - it's just that nobody
has it implemented yet :(

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/etc/mta: http://cr.yp.to/etc-mta.html

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