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suggested virtual package name: dns-server


I'm stumbling across a load of dns server software that conflict in
imho spurious ways with each other. To resolve the situation, I suggest
having one or two new virtual package names


   or maybe

   dns-server-resolver and dns-server-authoritative

that should make conflict resolution more predictable, and also allow
the user greater flexibility in the configuration of their name server
software. Example cases:

- 'ldapdns' conflicts with 'bind' but not 'bind9'.
- 'ldap2dns' depends on 'bind' and 'djbdns' (the latter non-existing in
  Debian), and thus, by transitivity, conflicts with 'bind9'.
- Then there are maradns and mydns that don't conflict with any other
  DNS server.
- Then there are pdsnd and pnrd which conflict with each other, but no
  other software like eg. 'bind'.
- There's djbdns-installer which neither conflicts with nor provides

Maybe I've overlooked something, but sorting the various dns software
components into authoritative and resolving packages (and maybe ignoring
the point that one could imagine having eg. a BIND resolver and a mydns
authoritative server) appears to be desirable to me.

Opinions are welcome!


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