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Re: x86-64 port of debian/linux

* Bart Trojanowski <bart@jukie.net> [030110 20:25]:
> I just started playing with 'simnow'.
> 	http://www.x86-64.org/downloads
> I am writing a quick howto for getting it to run under woody.  Once that
> is done, I will give bochs a try.

All right, so simnow is a closed, but free, simulator for x86-64.  It is
available by following the link above.

Problem is that it was compiled for RedHat 6.2 and no source is
available to the public.  The binary depends on a few libraries but
after 15 minutes of breaking the sanity of my Debian/Woody box I got it
to run.

Hoping that this cludege of a solution will help someone...



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