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Re: Java Plugin with Mozilla after GCC 3.2 transition

On 10 Jan 2003 13:46:53 +0530, Pankaj Jangid <jangid@softhome.net>
> tly for me. I am using mozilla 1.0.2. Java 1.3.1.
> Actually there is a bug in the plugin. If you create a link in mozilla
> plugin directly it works perfectly but if you copy it, it will crash
> mozilla.

What version of gcc is your mozilla compiled with?
The problem, as Mandrake experienced it, could be solved by recompiling
with gcc 2.9x, (I'm not sure whether that was their final solution - I
think it was, but I can't find any source to verify that) and the
symptoms of the problem were simply that the java plugin wouldn't appear
to be installed, even though it was installed - the plugin had no
listing in about:plugins, and the plugin simply didn't start when one
wanted to run a java applet.

As I said, there problem isn't in unstable yet, but it will appear as
the GCC 3.2 transition moves forward.

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