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Re: mutt/libc? problems after recent sid upgrade

* Lee Bradshaw <lee@sectionIV.com> [030109 15:22]:
> Thanks for the quick response Bart. I stripped my ~/.muttrc down to the
> single line that was causing the problem. Do you see anything wrong with
> this?
>   freefall ~ $ cat .muttrc
>   # Change "Re: Re: ..." to "Re: ..."
>   set reply_regexp="^((((fwd|aw|re(([0-9]|[[0-9]+])?)):[ \t]*)*)[ \t]*)+"

The above should be fine.

> As I said before, this works fine with the same version of mutt, but
> slightly earlier libraries.

OK, we need to find out what is calling the offending libc call.  Can
you make it crash while running in gdb and brovide us with the backtrace
(gdb command 'bt')?


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