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Re: mutt/libc? problems after recent sid upgrade

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 02:34:40PM -0500, Lee Bradshaw wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response Bart. I stripped my ~/.muttrc down to the
> single line that was causing the problem. Do you see anything wrong with
> this?
>   freefall ~ $ cat .muttrc
>   # Change "Re: Re: ..." to "Re: ..."
>   set reply_regexp="^((((fwd|aw|re(([0-9]|[[0-9]+])?)):[ \t]*)*)[ \t]*)+"
> As I said before, this works fine with the same version of mutt, but
> slightly earlier libraries.

This looks like a regex bug in libc. See #175163.


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