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Re: Suggested press release in reaction to RHAT dropping sparc and alpha

On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 16:45, Michael Stone wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 27, 2002 at 02:03:50AM -0500, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> >Yes and isn't the fact we don't "end of life" distributions when there is
> >no more money to be made from them a a benefit?
> No, we end of life them arbitrarily when we don't feel like working on
> them anymore. I'm not sure that's a distinct advantage. (Or are you
> aware of any contractual obligation for debian to continue working on
> sparc and alpha in perpetuity?)

The distinct advantage is that
 - anyone may theoretically keep an architecture alive and, more
 - it is very likely that if an architecture is not kept alive in
Debian, it is really dead. I mean, really really. It is unlikely
(probably even practically impossible) that at one point a few core
developers decide 'and now we stop architecture X', as long as
interested people can be found who would take over.

I have quite some confidence that the second argument holds for the next
few years; enough so that I would recommend Debian as the distribution
of choice, especially on strange hardware.

-- vbi

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