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Re: [desktop] Two "desktop" approaches

* Rob Bradford <rob@debianplanet.org> [030101 23:12]:
> A managed environment is one in which a system administrator sets up
> (usually) a collection of workstations each with identical software setups
> (e.g using FAI), central login (ldap/nis) and storage (NFS). Here the
> administrator is going to be (usually) competent in the configuration of the
> operating system. However his (or her) life could be made easier by tools
> that facilitate the automatic installation and configuration of hardware on
> the whole cluster of workstations. Tools to manage the central
> authentication system would also be advantageous. Obvisouly here he does now
> want the user to worried with configuration programs for the system. 
> This is the environment found in universities and enterprise situations and
> one in which Debian does a reasonable job, however this could be improved.

I think there could also be other differences. What I read until now
from the desktop-project sounded extremly worsening the situation. KDE
for example is already a large pain, as it does not have the same
menu-structure as the other wms, which extremly confuses the users I look 
after and often makes me think of removing KDE at all from the

Thus I think some project or faq to for such situation could be a
nice thing. I already started to collect some points (i.e. some wms
good for beginning users (like icewm) and their configuration, good
standard configs for browsers (facultiy bookmarks and starting page,
no disk-cache,...) but got a bit lost in the mass and have not that 
much time for it, sadly.

  Bernhard R. Link

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