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Re: Eclipse

>>>>> "HoraPe" == horape  <horape@tinuviel.compendium.net.ar> writes:
    HoraPe> Running Eclipse with gcj/gij
    HoraPe> http://www.klomp.org/mark/gij_eclipse/

Cool!  Then if someone else doesn't get all enthusiastic on me, I'll
follow up on my ITP.


"Sixty percent of all Americans say they flew the flag after Sept. 11,
2001.  Last week, less than 40 percent of registered voters cast
ballots.  Americans who wrap themselves in patriotic colors, yet can't
be bothered to exercise the most fundamental right and responsibility
in a democracy, betray the country they claim to love."
 -- Christina Hulbe, Letters to the Editor, The Orgeonian, 10
 Nov. 2002

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