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[END-OF-DISCUISSON] Are we losing users to Gentoo?

#include <hallo.h>
* Hunter Peress [Mon, Dec 30 2002, 06:18:03AM]:

> > Has anyone got some real-world evidence that this makes a difference? 
> > I'm thinking about things like how many pages/second an Apache server +
> Next, there has been talk about this in the debian community before. I
> googled, and here are some results:

Nice googling, but WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? You just follow the dreams of
others and waste lots of time fighting for worthles targets.

> To this second argument, I will give a response: who the hell makes you
> think that every mirror has to take on i686??? A few servers would start
> out serving this i686 distro, and it would be evident that these are in

Sure. Find someone to provide the bandwith, who forbids you to do so?

> great demand, and hence more i386 mirrors can switch over until the
> demand is met. (See http://www.debian.org/mirror/ftpmirror , its a
> document that addresses policy/practice on this issue).

As said, that is you personal joy, we have a consens - creating a whole
optimised FTP pool does not make sence, only optimisation of particular
show makers (crypto and science stuff).

> So SOMEONE PLEASE step out there and start working on an i686 distro. It
> will take a minimal time to port. And it will progress THE WORLD!!!

GO AND MAKE IT! Who does not let you make the first step? Just setup a
hacked sbuild or pbuilder system, which gets latest package versions
from unstable, adds "+686" to every version number and rebuilds it.

Stop talking. Begin with the real work. You could just hack the gcc
package to provide the wrapper script for gcc-3.2+optimised-flags. You
could setup a mini-policy about how to cooperate with package
maintainers to inherit optimisation settings in their package from
somewhere from the build-environment. I fail to see anything impossible.
So go ahead, cooperate with other fanatics and implement it. Otherwise,
shut up and stop bithing and asking US to provide expensive
implementations of crazy ideas.

"I think Debian's doing something wrong, `apt-get install pesticide', doesn't
seem to remove the bugs on my system!"
        -- Mike Dresser               

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