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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

> > I know at least 20 mirrors in this Far Eastern country called Japan
> > alone, and I know they would not like it if the required amount to 
> > mirror every day has risen by about 100MB/day.
> > 
> > Note that mirroring Debian aeems takes an order of 100MB/architecture/day,
> > which is rather high-cost in networking (the last time I calculated
> > it told me that you must have more than 32kbps/architecture to be able 
> > to keep up a full mirror)
> Perhaps this is a silly suggestion, but wouldn't it be time to try some
> xdelta patches for binaries jointly with a modified gzip? (The modified
> gzip helps dividing the binary in chunks that can be compared with
> xdelta). I think I read this suggestion from the rsync documentation. This
> would lower the bandwidth needs for both mirrors and end-apt-get-users. 

If you know what that really involves, you may start wanting 
to write scripts to actually achieve that.

rsync is very good for handling files which have the same name 
and change slightly, but Debian packages have different
filenames for each version, and thus they need some kind of special


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