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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

> > > > >  I really think thousands of Debian GNU/Linux users would love It
> > > > >  How about a poll " would you love an  i686 or i586 Debian GNU/Linux
> > > > > distro ?"
> > > > ... and would you like to pay your mirror provider for additional disk
> > > > space and traffic?
>  You mean Debian has difficulties finding 10 GB of online disk space ?

I know at least 20 mirrors in this Far Eastern country called Japan
alone, and I know they would not like it if the required amount to 
mirror every day has risen by about 100MB/day.

Note that mirroring Debian aeems takes an order of 100MB/architecture/day,
which is rather high-cost in networking (the last time I calculated
it told me that you must have more than 32kbps/architecture to be able 
to keep up a full mirror)

(/me goes over to debian-devel-changes directory and checks with
 awk '/^Files/,/^$/ {print $2; total=total+0+$2}END{print total}' )

A bare 4GB per architecture would not be enough, a bare 7GB sounds 
more like it, and we do increase.

That said, I do like some optimized binaries, but I would
rather like it done like it is done in libssl and atlas and 
other libraries. The infrastructure is available.


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