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Re: idea: unclear purge cleanup package

Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> or even better, replace. It would be easy to have a package to do that, lets
> call it "fix-debian" or "debfix" which is maintained, and package authors
> can actually send comments to the maintainer. It would be good to have
> support in dpkg to actually update this most often, or the package
> manintainers simple pre depend on it.
> Pre-Depend: debfix (>=1.0.1234)

Actually, if the problem is one you can fix by making a broken package
pre-depend on the package, then it is one you can instead just fix in
your broken package's preinst. My idea is thus best limited to only
dealing with things that cannot be fixed up that way, which will
probably limit it to postrm purge bugs. And a pre-depends will be of no
value there since the broken package will already be removed.

see shy jo

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