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idea: unclear purge cleanup package

I was wandering around in /etc on a system and found quite a few relics
of old postrm's gone bad. Broken /etc/alternitives links, dangling
symlinks in directories that nothing owned, etc. The annoying thing was
I know what packages were at fault, but they were all long ago purged
from the system, and their broken postrm scripts left this stuff behind.

At the moment, once a package is purged, we have no way to do anything
further. Anything that a broken postrm leaves behind or gets wrong must
be found and corrected manually. But I have an idea of a way to change

Suppose we add a package to debian that in its postrm checks for any
bits of detritus left behind by other packages, and cleans it up.
Maintainers could, after fixing a bug in a postrm script's purging, also
submit a shell code fragement to this package's postinst.

If this would be a special-purpose package just for this use, I'd be
willing to maintain it. It might make better sense to add it to some
base package, but I don't know which one would be appropriate.

see shy jo

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