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Bug#174308: star should become standard tar

On Thursday 26 December 2002 09:27, Miles Bader wrote:
> Users want a tar that can:
> [snip 1&2]

 (3) that can be installed alongside another tar
I think all this discussion is worthless until we see real problems. And 
those are not developers' machines behaving a bit different in a 
transition-phase (transition of either the developers or the packages, 
whichever is technically better).

- modify GNU tar to install /bin/gnu-tar and add an alternative for it
- install star as /bin/star and do the same
- provide warnings in the postinstall-script of star that some things might 
change when the alternative points to star
- watch for problems

So far, this could already be called the standard procedure for more than 
shallow changes. <irony> Just as the flames on -devel before <irony>.


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