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Bug#174308: star should become standard tar

Moin Ulrich!
Ulrich Eckhardt schrieb am Donnerstag, den 26. Dezember 2002:

> > Users want a tar that can:
> > [snip 1&2]

1&2 are not important, appendix is. Just breaking existing installations for a
some benefit that hardly anyone would detect whatsoever, is a stupid idea.

>  (3) that can be installed alongside another tar
> I think all this discussion is worthless until we see real problems. And 

Don't even think about it. Go trough the archives and realize the dimensions
of disputes, caused by latest tar option change (-j vs. -I). You are going to
create x times more trouble.

> those are not developers' machines behaving a bit different in a 
> transition-phase (transition of either the developers or the packages, 
> whichever is technically better).

As said, who actually needs it?

> Therefore:
> - modify GNU tar to install /bin/gnu-tar and add an alternative for it

Lol. It has already a tradition to be called gtar on non-GNU systems. But
that is not the point. Alternatives are not very reliable (see BTS), while
/bin/tar is essential.

> - install star as /bin/star and do the same
> - provide warnings in the postinstall-script of star that some things might 
> change when the alternative points to star
> - watch for problems

Why? Every admin needing that features can move the files around with two
just two commands (man ln, man dpkg-divert).


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