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Bug#174308: star should become standard tar

Moin Bjoern!
Bjoern Jacke schrieb am Thursday, den 26. December 2002:

> Package: general
> star 
> (http://www.fokus.gmd.de/research/cc/glone/employees/joerg.schilling/private/star.html) 
> should become the standard tar  on Debian. 

Not till it begins to emulate GNU tar's default behaviour.

# star cvf x CVS
a CVS directory
a CVS/Root 42 bytes, 1 tape blocks
a CVS/Repository 2 bytes, 1 tape blocks
a CVS/Entries 2 bytes, 1 tape blocks
a CVS/Entries.Log 39 bytes, 1 tape blocks
star: 1 blocks + 0 bytes (total of 10240 bytes = 10.00k).
# star cvf x CVS
star: Will not overwrite non empty plain files in compat mode.

All scripts relying on tar's method of overwritting file, or using its
simple filelist output, would break terribly.

> GNU tar has lots of known bugs and it's just ugly. No one is able to
> maintain GNU tar right because it's an ugly hack, not beiing POSIX
> compliant and not even generating correct tar archives by default.
> star does all this better and has ACL support additionally ...

That are all things JS keeps saying and though, 99% of users are
happy with GNU tar.

Du hast recht, und er hat auch recht. Dein Argument ist, als ob Du
sagst, Krankenhäuser werden abgeschafft, die Apotheken sind doch voller
Medikamente und jeder kann sich für ein paar Mark bedienen;-).
                     (Hannes Birnbacher in de.comm.software.newsreader)

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