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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

#include <hallo.h>
* William WAISSE [Sun, Dec 22 2002, 09:47:37PM]:

> > > > ... and would you like to pay your mirror provider for additional disk
> > > > space and traffic?
>  You mean Debian has difficulties finding 10 GB of online disk space ?

What is "Debian"? You talk about space on mirrors, mirrors provided by
Debian friends. Place on high-available servers costs.

>  A bare 4 GB would be enough since sources are the same .

Woody only. Count Sarge and Sid.

>  My LUG and myself could be interested providing disk space for this.

Noone can forbid you to make a such thing. If you wish to do it, make
your hands dirty, contact people that are working on similar projects,
etc. This discussion comes all 1-3 months to daylight, some people flame
around, and became quiet again. Why? Maybe because optimisation does not
get the perfomance gain they expected?

> > > i dont see how this would imply a spike in traffic. the whole point of
> > He? You do not need additional space for having two versions?
>  Aditional space for binaries, yes, but nearly no additional traffic .

Wrong. While proxies have to cache only one version today, they would to
have to cache multiple for your case.

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