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Re: GTK+ libraries 2.2 are released

> SL> Erm, GNOME 2.1 is not in unstable, right ? So why should it be
> SL> a problem ? People using gnome 2.1 will more probably be using
> SL> garnome or something such anyway, and not face this problem.
> Because we have GNOME 2.0 as deb. AFAIK we don't upload
> GNOME 2.1 stuff to the unstable. so if GTK+ 2.2 stuff are
> available in the unstable, our GNOME2 won't works.

So, to summarize:

1.  gtk 2.2 goes to experimental
2.  gnome2.1 won't go in to unstable (needs gtk2.2)
3.  gnome2.0 won't work with gtk2.2 (libgnomeui is broken)

gtk2.2 will go into unstable when gnome2.1 (2.2?) replaces gnome2.0 in unstable ?


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