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GTK+ libraries 2.2 are released


The GTK+ team has released the version 2.2 of the GTK+
family libraries. so I consider to upload it to the
experimental, because the upgrading will causes the segfault
by libgnomeui's bug. it was fixed in libgnomeui 2.1.x; I'm
not sure what correct version is needed to fix, but at least
libgnomeui 2.1.2 or higher works for me.
However it's GNOME 2.1's stuff. so GTK+ 2.2 will be also
available for unstable when GNOME 2.2 will be released.

- the packages name will be kept, because it's compatible
  with the version 2.0 of the GTK+ family. right now 1.0/2.0
  means the API version.

- all of the modules path was changed. if gtk2-engines-*
  packages has .so file or your program was installed to
  those path, it will has to be rebuilt.

- libgtk2.0-0 will be appended the conflicts field with
  libgnomeui-0 2.0.x. so perhaps it may be not installable
  unless libgnomeui 2.1.x are available.

- the default renderer will be changed to Xft2. your font
  configuration will depends on /etc/fonts/fonts.conf. if
  you want to change the fonts as Sans, Serif and Monospace,
  you will need to modify /etc/fonts/fonts.conf.

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