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Re: busybox-source not in unstable?

Paul wrote:
> I'm trying to build a package which depends on the busybox-source-0.60.0 
> package, but it doesn't appear to be available in unstable.  

It's only in stable + testing.  Unstable has a more recent one apparently.
Maybe the following helps:

auric!joey(pts/13):~> elmo busybox -a source
busybox-cvs            unstable  0.60.99.cvs20021214-1  source

busybox-source-0.60.0  stable    0.60.0-6               source
busybox-source-0.60.0  testing   0.60.0-6               source

busybox                stable    1:0.60.2-3.1           source
busybox                testing   1:0.60.4-1.1           source
busybox                unstable  1:0.60.5-2             source



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