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Re: You have been removed from the following lists

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 12:34:28AM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 06:01:08PM -0600, SmartList wrote:
> > Your mail address, branden@debian.org, has been removed
> > from the following mailing lists, because it generated an 
> > exessive number of bounced mails:
> > 
> > debian-68k, debian-announce, debian-changes, debian-devel, debian-devel-announce, debian-devel-changes, debian-policy, debian-powerpc, debian-sparc, debian-vote, debian-l10n-english, debian-security-announce, debian-x, debian-boot, debian-legal, debian-project, debian-debbugs
> >   
> > Before sending in subscription requests, please ensure that 
> > this problem has been resolved.  When in doubt, ask your
> > system administrator or send mail to "postmaster".
> > 
> > This message has been sent my the verp handler program, version 0.7.20.
> This is bullshit.  The MX for deadbeast.net has been up, reachable, and
> running an MTA all day every day for the past month at least.
> necrotic's uptime is 143 days and the only time postfix shuts down is
> for package upgrades.  Furthermore, the mountain of spam queued there is
> ample testimony that the box has been reachable.  I've got the mail.logs
> to establish this.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
> I'd like to see evidence of these "bounces", please.  This is very
> neatly wrecking my ability to catch up on events since my home net
> access was disrupted at the end of last month.
> Bullshit like this makes it difficult for me to continue my work as a
> Debian developer.  Developers need to be able to go on "vacation" from
> time to time without being maliciously/stupidly unsubscribed from all
> Debian lists.
> I've got a lot of Debian work to get caught up on while I'm "vacation"
> from my job over the holidays, and the malicious lie about my MX not
> being reachable is not expediting that in the least.
> We need to get our excessively punitive "verp" handler under control.
> If its algorithms are as poor as its grammar ("sent my"?), it's no
> wonder I've been unjustly nuked from the lists.
> "Please ensure that this problem [gets] resolved."

Welcome in the club, Branden :)

I met these kind of problems more and more times, due to stupid
spamassassin problems (my mistake in configuration for a sub-sized computer); 
a problem with fetchmail retaining (not a problem of mine); and other
transient errors with our smtp box. 
The very interesting thing  is that you could be bounced for a while, 
if you re-subscribed and the error persists :-( 

Surely I'd suggest list-admin let listserv be more permessive on 
transient errors.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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