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Re: Does anyone know about Manoj?

Markus Frings wrote:

>Since almost 4 weeks have passed I would like to ask anyone from the
>list if he knows about Manoj's current activities. Is he on holiday

Please see

  Hi Folks,
          I have just relocated. Unfortunately, the DSL folks report
  huge backlogs, and are unable to provide me a connection; so I'll be
  off the network until they do come in and connect me.
          I am going to be in Washington, DC for 2.5 weeks in December,
  and may be able to participate on the network. I shall have no access
  to my keys, and shall be unable to transact most official business.
          I do apologize for any inconvenience caused, especially since
  the voting GR is so close to being coming to an head.
Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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