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First version of "How Software Producers ..."


the very first version of "How Software Producers Can Distribute Their
Products Directly in .deb Format" is available at


It isn't finished yet, and some of the most important parts are still
only in my head.  However, here a few things:

- I'm no native English speaker.  Please point out any typos, errors
  or badly written sentences.  I'm glad if you do so.  (No, I haven't
  ispelled it yet).

- I've never set up a debian development environment on a non-debian
  machine.  Are there any documents I could read about that?

- I've never set up a debian repository.  Where can I read more about

- Is the GFDL an appropriate license?

- Should I encourage the use of non-free, or is it better not to have
  non-free packages in Debian at all?

- Is it normal that calling xsltproc directly takes about 2-3 seconds
  and xmlto about 20-30?

- Please send your feedback to the lists as well if possible.  I
  appreciate when other people comment what you say.  So I know when
  it's no good :)
Aaron Isotton

My GPG Public Key: http://www.isotton.com/gpg-public-key

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