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Re: [desktop] Interesting piece of artwork


Those are great. Has anyone here ever seen a Suse installation boot? It
is very professional looking in that it provides a lilo boot screen, a
linux startup screen (using some sort of framebuffer thingy), and finally
has a standard background image. As a group these look wonderful. About
2 months ago someone posted a couple of Lilo boot screens. One was 
primarily red on black like the first image, and would go smoothly with 
the second image. The only thing missing is the in-between screen for
when Linux is booting. I have no idea how to set this one up, would it
require a custom kernel? Any thoughts?

BTW, if everyone settles on a given default background, we can use it 
to create a palette for theming the various desktops. 
(Gimp Palette is Good :-)

Happy Holidays,

Matthew McGuire

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