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Re: Fibre Channel and Debian

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 11:34:17PM +0100, Kenneth Lund wrote:
> I'm trying to install a Qlogic fibre channel card (QLA2310FL) on a 
> debian woddie system. But I have had no luck yet. Qlogic only 
> support it on Redhat and Suse systems. Have you guys tested any 
> Qlogic fibre channel cards on debian systems? Which cards? Any 
> other fibre channel cards that works?

Yes, I use QLA2200s with no problems.  I use the drivers written by Matt
Jacob, who also wrote the drivers for *BSD and Solaris.  The drivers are
available from www.feral.com.

My Debian mirror (debian.lcs.mit.edu) accesses all its mass storage,
including root filesystem via fibre channel.  I have no problems with

I never tried QLogic's own driver modules.  I did not have much success
with the ISP drivers included with Linux 2.4.  They seemed to be able to
access the disks OK, but they caused interoperability problems with
other machines in the loop.  Of course, if you're not using a fibre hub,
this may not be a problem.  I suspect that, had I been able to afford a
switch, the stock kernel driver would have worked OK.


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