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Re: Bug#172189: ITP: openscenegraph -- C++/OpenGL based graphics development library.

>  > Description: Scene Graph graphics development library for C++/OpenGL
>  How do you parse that?  "Scene Graph" + "graphics development library"
>  or "Scene Graph graphics" + "development library"?  Neither makes
>  sense, really.  _I_ would go for:
>  Description: OpenSceneGraph (development|runtime) environment

OK, thanks. Makes more sense. (BTW, I was probably thinking more of
the first "parsing" ;) Though I'm not as used to the work
"environment" - can one really describe OSG as a "development
environment"? That makes me think of e.g. VisualBlabla, or
kdevelop. Though, yea, they do talk about "Java Runtime Environments",
don't they, but then that is much more than just a library.

>  That's a nice description of what a scene graph is (btw, please,
>  lowercase),

Done. ... though ... I am removing that paragraph, as suggested:

>  but I don't think it makes sense to have this in the package
>  description.  The users of this package either already know what
>  that is or don't care about it.

OK. I did wonder about that, at first. I'll snip out that description,
and rather add the info from this paragraph, thanks:

>  One of the key selling points of OSG is that the API is simple and
>  relatively easy to learn, and as a bonus it's already familiar to
>  people with Performer experience.  The other one is portability.
>  And the other one is a very good OO design.  There are also some
>  nice add-ons for OSG, like osgConsole.

>  s/culling techniques, LOD nodes/culling and level of detail techniques/


>  The PFB format is supported only if Performer is installed...

PFB removed. Sounds like you have OSG experience? I'm only just about
to start using the lib. Thought I'll package it first. ;)

>  >  The libopenscenegraph-demos package contains a scene graph viewer and
>  >  various other demos of what OpenSceneGraph can do.
>  why don't you call that package just openscenegraph-demos?

I'm wondering about that package now, there is the possibility of
including just the source in the -dev package. Or is "sgv" a useful
enough tool to provide the -demos package? I'm currently suspicious of
the -data package, used by the demos, it's possible that at least some
of the files in there don't follow DFSG. I'll try finding out... ;)

I'll take my other issues to debian-mentors, my modem can handle a
subscription to that list, I believe ;)

Thanks a lot,
Hugo van der Merwe
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