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Re: something wrong with glibc?


Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> > i am running debian sid.
> > in november 2002 began a problem, that it was not possible to compile files. i 
> > tried with /usr/src/linux make menuconfig (see "errorreport 1" below) and i 
> > tried with a small "hello world"-code - no success!
> > it seems that there is a problem with the versions of glibc because there also 
> > are some similar problems when upgrading or configuring packages (see 
> > "error-report 2" below)
> > - -
> > anyone here who can give me some hints?
> > please cc' me, because i am not subscribed in the list.
> I am successfully using Debian sid on my desktop system without much 
> trouble right now, so we need more information.

I tried to repair his installallation, but _without_ any success. I
compared the md5sums of various files to my own, working sid but without
any relevant differences...

> It could be your hardware, memory, or bad kernel,
> or it could be really a problem of gcc.

I don't really think that this is a hardware-related problem, perhaps we
should try booting from Knoppix and have a try from there...

> Do you have many things installed in /usr/local ?
> Does the file /lib/ld-linux.so.2 point to a valid file (/lib/ld-2.3.1.so)
> (I hope it does, because if it does not, you will probably have
> probelms starting your login shell... or even init)

These links are set just the same way as on my system, i was unable to
locate the source of these problems...

- Alexander, very confused about that system...

"Real men don't take backups. They put their source on a public FTP-server
and let the world mirror it." -- Linus Torvalds

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