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Re: What should go into "How Software Producers can distribute their products directly in .deb format"?

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Aaron Isotton wrote:

> - Consider putting fast-changing libraries/programs into your package
>   instead of depending on the ones shipped with debian.  They could be
>   installed into /usr/lib/<package-name>/.

If you need to do modifications to existing programms/libraries please try
to have the modifications included in Debian. You can do that by either
writing directly tp the author or by submitting a patch to the BTS.

If you can not do that - due to time constraints or because the
modifications are not fit for inclusion - and you want to keep your
product upgradable/compatible with Debian, take special care with
versioning your package. Setting a very high epoch might help you to
maintain your version of a package regardles of the fast changes of it in
Debian. Please do consider the security and compatibility issues this
might bring along.

> Anything wrong with this?  Improvements?  Comments?  Criticism?
> Thanks.

I think Debian lends itself very well to building up on. Providing a good
documentation showing cons and pros, all the tarpits one can fall into,
how one can set up one's own repository, questions of authentication and
security would be give vendors who want to use Debian as a base a hand.

So I think writing/starting such a document is a very good idea. It gives
Debian a yet wider audience.

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