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[Testing] Why isn't a52dec updating

I see that the testing scripts are running again.  Now I wonder why
a52dec isn't going in.  In update_output.txt I find 

trying: a52dec
skipped: a52dec (1014+21)
    got: 4+0: a-4
    * alpha: ogle, ogle-gui

which I read as if the new a52dec entered testing, ogle would be
uninstallable.  The old ogle (now in testing) depends on liba52-0.7.3,
from the source a52dec now in testing.  The new ogle depends on
liba52-0.7.4, produced by the new a52dec source.

Was it a mistake to call the source a52dec?  Would a52dec-0.7.4 etc be

Would the new a52dec source in testing remove the liba52-0.7.3 binary
package produced from the old one?  

But then, could not a52dec and ogle enter testing at the same time?



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