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Re: guaranteed non-interactive installation and upgrades

#include <hallo.h>
* Colin Walters [Sat, Dec 07 2002, 08:15:08PM]:

> But no one has shown any interest in fixing exim.  On the other hand I
> was interested enough in Postfix to write the debconfiscation, and then
> John Goerzen and LaMont Jones were interested enough to fix and
> significantly improve it.

Well, I would do this. On the other hand, I was told that some people
are preparing sane packaged exim4 packages with debconfiscation.

> Making a policy proposal won't force anyone to do anything; it may
> motivate the exim people more, but I doubt it.  Of course, with the
> policy proposal, we will have a better justification for switching to
> Postfix if exim isn't fixed.

That is the only thing, and only if you wanna switch to Postfix, but not
the ultimate solution. With policy, it would be easier to deal with
lazyness and unwillingness of some maintainers.

> Whether we should have this policy proposal and make complete
> debconfiscation a goal for sarge is something that I don't have an
> opinion on yet.

I do not ask for complete debconfiscation, there are packages where it
is not feasable. But then their postinst scripts should be able to work
non-interactive and choose something automaticaly, based on the profile
settings when needed.

Ich bin drin!

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