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Re: Bug#172158: ITP: rsxs -- Really Slick X Screensavers

Apparently there are a lot of ports of the really slick X Screensavers, but all of them present the problem of integrating into the actual xscreensaver, which isn't really possible system-wide as far as I can see. And inclusion of the screensavers in upstream XScreenSaver is far from feasible because of incompatible license changes. The .deb packages supplied on the web page do not integrate into xscreensaver directly, and I think rsxs would be a better choice for doing so anyway if it were to be done. I suppose it would be possible to just include the binaries without touching the XScreenSaver config file but instead including instructions on including it on a user-specific basis, but I don't know how well the changes would transfer between XScreensaver versions.

Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:
Hi Ari!
Not really relevant but www.reallyslick.com points to rss-glx.sourceforge.net which seems to be a second independant port to X11. Also, that page even supplies Debian-packages (though only for i386 and PPC).

Did you compare the two ports and what are their differences ?



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