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Re: bill gates Linux

Please, first learn how to use your mail software. Your mails are just a
pity to read.

Le sam 07/12/2002 à 10:46, spiratec@telus.net a écrit :
>  Thank you all for your interesting
>  analysis to "setup.exe"
>  I am sorry to disappoint Craig Im
>  not a Troll.

Yes, you are a troll. The title of your mails is a troll. You keep
bashing around and around, asking for dumb solutions to nonexistent

If you are unable to install a GNU/Linux system, that means you can't
read the documentations. If you are unable to boot a Knoppix live CD,
you are lying with a 99 % probability (measured with a professionnal

Either way, you are trolling, and you are trolling at the wrong place.
There are people here, especially the debian-desktop people, who are
trying to make Debian easier to install and use for everybody. But I
believe making it usable to you is either impossible or undesirable.
People like you will keep complaining as long as all GNU/Linux-based
systems are not identical in every regard to Microsoft Windows.

If you want Microsoft Windows, use it. And please go trolling elsewhere.
There are many people on slashdot who will be happy to troll with you.
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