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bill gates linux

 I am going to try one last time on this and then I 
 promise you won't here from me again.

 1/ there are millions of Windows and Dos
     users out there.
 2/ Ideally there should be equally millions of
     Linux users out there.
 3/ many of us millions don't want to give up
    or find it usefull to keep our Dos and
 4/ many of us millions would very much like to have
    the option of using both systems on our computer.

     1/ we don't want to have to know the technical
 details of how to get to the step4/ above (in the
 given table above).
     2/we want one of the following:-
         A/ to be able to insert a floppy disk into
             our "a" drive , turn on the computer,
            the computer then loads DOS or whatever
             and eventually after enough time and floppys
             have been fead into the drive we see an
              up and running version of Linux.
         or:.. B/ turn on the computer with a floppy
          disk "a" which then prompts for a cd-rom
           which then loads a version of Linux.
         or:..c/ option 3 would be to allow Windows to
          to boot up and click on a cd-rom drive.
           and then the program on the cd would modify
            my computer so that Windows and Linux
             can run on the same machine.
                 either :-
                     1/ separately
                     2/ selectably
                     3/ Windows under Linux or Visa versa
                     4/ some way the two can interact on
                        the same machine
                      5/ or some combination of 1/2/3/4
           IF you think that this can't be done then
           fine; but I bet Linus Torvalds could do it.
           I know bill can't do it he  
           is too busy adding more bells and 
            whistles to Windows4000 .
          Please don't take my pleadings to be for 
           myself personally. There will come a time
           when the world wide demand for operating systems
           will be huge.This will come from third world
           countrys where literacy is low and computer
           literacy is even lower. I respectfully place
           myself in that catagory.
           TO your greater success!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR
              PATIENCE  GOOD BY.



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