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bill gates Linux

 Thank you all for your interesting
 analysis to "setup.exe"
 I am sorry to disappoint Craig Im
 not a Troll.
 I especially like your answer 
 Santiago. thanks .It sheds
 quite a bit of light on the 
 and your addition Ben thanks !
 I really do wish for Linux
 to be on the same world scale
 as Windows.!!... No greater!!!
 At the risk of getting you guys
 on my case what if I have a computer
 with two hard drives  c: and d:
 or apples: and oranges:,one with Windows
 on it, and one with Linux on it.
 Or is this such a complex problem
 you have to have two computers sitting side by
 side one with Windows and one with Linux
 running on it and join them together with
 an USB cable and two can do battle with 
 each other.
 Gentlemen if you don't e-mail me I
 promise I will go away.
 If you do e-mail me I will feel free
 to talk O.K.
 Do you have to rewire your house when
 you want to change a light bulb from
 60w to 100w .
 The only requirment would be that
 the new bulb has a standard Edison
 base so it fits and 110 v.
 Do I need a degree in "c++" to
 change that lightbulb?
 Or do they have a "C+++" these
 By now your thinking I probably
 have a "c-" or a "d".
 No doubt somewhat justified.
 thanks again *


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