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Re: [Internal Projects] Package browser (Was: Debian Color Themes, ...)

>> On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>> > > - http://people.debian.org/~erich/packagebrowser/
>> > > which is an export of the aptitude database to HTML; the scripts used
>> > > for generating these files are in my home directory on ppl.d.o
>> >
>> >   Hey, that's pretty cool!
>> In dead.  I have the strong feeling that we should enhance this for
>> the use of Debian internal projects.
>> By the way, there seems to be another program with a quite similiar
>> goal: pdbv.
>> I guess authors should get in touch to join forces ...

>We have also dpkg-www.
>It can be used to browse locally installed and available packages. It uses
>apt and dpkg, has more links than pdbv, doesn't need to build a cache and
>doesn't require an internet access, unless you follow the BTS or mainainer
>links. Try with:
>    # apt-get install dpkg-www grep-dctrl
>    $ dpkg-www dpkg-\*
>    $ dpkg-www section=net
>    $ dpkg-www maintainer="Joey Hess"
>    $ dpkg-www =iptables

pdbv does not require internet access, does not even require a web
It requires only shell utilities and a web browser (as links).
But right, it requires cache.

Anyway, I'm opened to any suggestions that can improved pdbv.

To get an overview 

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